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Top 5 Things to Do in Rhyl for Families

Aerial view of a town in Wales

Top 5 Things to Do in Rhyl for Families

Looking for the Top 5 Things to Do in Rhyl for Families? You’re in the right place to plan the perfect day out!

Located on the stunning North East coast, Rhyl attracts thousands of families every year. With an esteemed reputation as one of Wales’s top seaside destinations and plenty of things to see and do, there’s something to keep the whole family entertained here.

If you’re the type to plan ahead and you’re looking for the best things to do in Rhyl for your family, read on to discover some of the top activities and attractions the area has to offer.

Plus we’ve added a little bonus of two other things to do in Rhyl, so make sure to read until the end!

Crowd watching a Sea Lion in a Sea Aquarium

1. Sea Aquarium

Rhyl Sea Aquarium is a can’t miss attraction for any family seeking a fun-filled day out discovering some of the ocean’s most beautiful creatures.

The aquarium features species from all around the world, such as eels, piranhas, lobsters, and stonefish, as well as exclusive exhibitions you won’t see anywhere else in the country.

Fancy helping to feed the stingrays? Or getting up close and personal with exotic animals in the touch pool? Well, you can. We also recommend you attend the daily show at Seal Cove where the superstar seals will show off their natural abilities and some special skills too.

Rhyl's Marsh Tracks

2.  Marsh Tracks

Rhyl’s brand-new cycling centre gives a unique opportunity to compete and spectate in this exciting yet safe environment. It’s even been used by the Great Britain Olympic team!

Comprising of a 1.3 kilometre closed circuit road cycling track and a superb national standard BMX race track with jumps, the Marsh Tracks offers a fun challenge for beginners and keen cyclists alike, and a chance to improve the family’s cycling skills at a competitive price.

Rhyl Miniature Railway

3.  Rhyl Miniature Railway

Rhyl Miniature Railway is Britain’s oldest miniature railway line and a fantastic activity suitable for children of any age.

Delighting visitors for over 100 years, the vintage steam locomotive gives a beautiful look around Marine lake and is a great chance to experience one of Wales’ oldest attractions.

The central Station houses a touchscreen museum detailing the miniature line’s history and younger visitors can try crabbing at the lake. There’s a selection of drinks and confectionery available at the ticket office and you can even bring your pet as this attraction is dog-friendly.

SC2 Waterpark in Rhyl

4.  SC2 Rhyl

SC2 Rhyl is one of Wales’ top spots for rip-roaring water-based fun. This exciting waterpark attraction offers flume rides, beach style paddling and slides for all ages in indoor and outdoor settings.

Thrill-seekers will get a kick out of riding the Anaconda slide as it zooms through complete darkness and out of a snake’s gaping jaws. Meanwhile, youngsters may prefer a splash in the Piranha Play area, with plenty of interactive water features and an opportunity to build their confidence at swimming.

As the children are busy enjoying the water, adults can take a load off and relax in the summer sun on the outdoor terrace.

overhead view of Rhyl beach on sunny day - which is one of the best things to do in Rhyl during the summer

5.  Rhyl Beach

There is perhaps no better family day out than a trip to the beach.

Rhyl’s long and sandy main beach is a popular spot for locals and tourists, with plenty of traditional seaside experiences to enjoy. Extending for over two miles, the golden sands have something for everyone, from donkey rides to kite surfing and even sea fishing trips.

Don’t forget your bucket and spade, as no trip to the beach is complete without building the perfect sandcastle! Plus, with the town centre only a short walk away, you’ll never be too far from the best things to do in Rhyl.

Bonus! 2 Extra Things to do in Rhyl

Rhyl Pavilion Theatre

Catch a show at the Rhyl Pavilion Theatre. This premier entertainment venue hosts a variety of performances, including musicals, comedy shows, concerts and family-friendly entertainment. The theatre’s modern design and coastal location make it a standout attraction in Rhyl, offering visitors not only top-tier performances but also stunning sea views from its foyer and terrace.

Sky Tower Rhyl

For the best views of Rhyl and beyond, visit the Sky Tower. This iconic structure offers panoramic views of the North Wales coast, Snowdonia and on clear days, even the Isle of Man! It was originally built as an observation tower  and even though  the revolving platform is no longer in operation it still provides visitors with a unique perspective on the beauty of the surrounding area from a stationary viewpoint.