family walking through an aquarium tunnel

4 Aquariums in Wales that Your Kids are Shore to Love

family walking through an aquarium tunnel

4 Aquariums in Wales that Your Kids are Shore to Love

If your kids are curious about crabs and catsharks, treat them to an aquarium adventure in Wales. Thanks to the country’s abundance of stunning coastlines and sandy beaches, every sanctuary has a fascinating collection of local animals.

You’ll see unusual crustaceans and curled octopi hiding among the marine plants. Some locations provide a loving home to harbour seals, where children can get involved in feeds and interactive presentations. Once you’ve exhausted the inside attractions, why not book a guided safari that encourages little ones to find creatures in their natural habitat?

Keep reading as we round up some of the most exciting sea aquariums in Wales to visit during your trip. Alongside being loads of fun, kids will leave with a greater appreciation for all kinds of aquatic life.

Aquariums in North Wales

Anglesey Sea Zoo

Thanks to its location on the North-West coast of Wales, Anglesey attracts hundreds of unique animals, including playful grey seals, dolphins and porpoises. During summer, the skies come alive with thousands of seabirds getting ready to breed. Further inland, in Pentraeth and Newborough, you’ll find rare colonies of the native red squirrel.

With a wealth of unique species on its doorstep, Anglesey Sea Zoo is one of the best aquariums in Wales. It has over 40 spacious tanks showcasing British marine life, each carefully replicated to mimic natural habitats.

In the No Bone Zone, you’ll watch mesmerising moon jellyfish and starfish slowly skulking across the seafloor. If you’re feeling a little braver, head to The Shipwreck to spot shy conger eels hiding in the ruins.

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SeaQuarium Rhyl

The SeaQuarium Rhyl sits on the stunning North-Wales coastline and boasts native and exotic species in nine different zones. Living alongside the local wildlife are colourful clownfish and tangs, much-loved from the award-winning Nemo films. In the depths, you might catch of glimpse of the deadly lionfish or secretive moray eel, both known for their quick predatory strikes and razor-sharp teeth.

Of course, you can’t visit the aquarium without heading to Seal Cove – a 333,000-litre pool that’s a playground for harbour seals. Here, you can watch the animals tuck into their favourite fish while jostling and jiving underwater.

Aquariums in South Wales

Sea Môr Aquarium

Run by the Sea Trust, a marine conservation charity, the Sea Môr Aquarium represents a diverse range of Welsh wildlife while educating visitors on habitat preservation. There are plenty of talks and exciting activities to dive into on the day, including ocean plastic workshops and sea safaris.

Kids and big kids alike are shore to adore an interactive 45-minute tour of the aquarium. Together, you’ll listen as a marine biologist reveals amazing facts about each species.

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Plantasia Tropical Zoo

If you’re looking for a jam-packed day out in Swansea that’s full of fish and other amphibious creatures, you’ll love Plantasia Tropical Zoo. Designed to mimic the hot and humid environments of South and Central America, South Asia and the Amazon basins, you’ll gain an insight into unfamiliar landscapes and the strange animals that live there.

You could spend hours losing yourself within the zoo and aquarium, discovering over 40 different species. There are red-bellied piranhas with powerful jaws in the Below Ground zone, living next door to bird-eating tarantulas and hissing cockroaches. Understandably, creepy crawlies and cutthroat scavengers aren’t for everyone. If that’s you, you might want to explore the canopies instead, where you’ll see friendly rainbow macaws.

While most sea aquariums in Wales have some kind of shark, not many have caiman crocodiles! By the Watering Hole, you might catch one relaxing beneath the towering waterfall.

Worthy mention…

Welsh Mountain Zoo

While not specifically an aquarium in Wales, the Welsh Mountain Zoo keeps unusual marine life. Think Californian sea lions and Humboldt penguins for starters. Best of all, you can book family-friendly experiences that invite you inside the enclosure to interact with these gorgeous sea mammals.

During the awe-inspiring encounters, you’ll feed the animals fishy meals while learning about their natural habitat and behaviours. A friendly keeper is always on hand to answer your questions and keep the mischievous penguins in check.

Find more exciting wildlife in Wales

With a treasure chest of zoos, farms and aquariums, Wales is the perfect destination for wildlife watchers and aspiring biologists alike. Alongside fish and other sea creatures, you could head to the countryside to spot birds of prey or farmyard friends.

If you’d like some more family-friendly inspiration, explore our blog to discover some of the country’s best attractions for animal enthusiasts. In particular, our list of the top petting zoos in Wales!