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South Wales Valleys

Commonly referred to as just ‘The Valleys’, the South Wales Valleys stretch from eastern Carmarthenshire to western Monmouthshire, fanning north from Cardiff and Newport. When most people think of the Valleys, they conjure up its coal mining history, the tight-knit communities and the rugged beauty of the landscape.



But the South Wales Valleys is so much more. It is home to one of the internet’s forefathers, Donald Davies, who was a pioneer in digital computing. His invention of packet switching made the internet, and ultimately the world wide web, possible. A humble man from Treorchy in the Welsh mining valleys is one of the most outstanding historical figures.

What’s more, it was one of the first places that heard the Titanic’s mayday signal. While the dramatic scenes played out on the Atlantic Ocean, a radio enthusiast in Blackwood sat at his desk listening, creating lasting memories in this region.


A hairpin bend in a steep mountain road.


The South Wales Valleys region is rich with history but also enjoyable for those looking for natural, hidden gems. If you’re looking for walks in the South Wales Valleys, there’s no better place. The interconnected paths and trails zigzag between the different mountains across Rhondda, Afan and Cynon Valley. Head up there at dusk to enjoy the twinkling lights against the dark sky from the valley below.


Rhondda Heritage Park, Wales


If you’re looking for more information on the South Wales Valleys and the top things to do, you’re in luck. Our useful guides are packed with must-do activities and sights, while letting you in on insider knowledge.