3 People riding horses on the beach at sunset

Horse Riding In Wales

Horse-lovers and animal fans will have an incredible time in Wales with plenty of horse-riding opportunities to enjoy. From scenic bridleways to sandy beaches and extensive countryside, there’s a trekking route for everyone and every horse.


people horse riding at sunset on a beach in Wales


In North Wales, Snowdonia is home to horse and pony trekking routes with views to remember. Alternatively, for those looking for a more fast-paced adventure, Llangollen’s extensive pastures provide plenty of opportunity for hacks filled with trotting, cantering and even a gallop if you’re feeling daring.

Anglesey is home to another popular riding route in the North, a particular favourite due to its mile-long stretch of beach that’s perfect for coastal galloping. For other beachy horse-riding adventures, the South coast is abundant with horse-friendly routes, including a stretch along the Heritage Coast, and is just a stone’s throw from the country’s capital.


3 people horse riding on a dirt track in a Welsh forest


Regardless of where you’re looking to explore, you can opt to bring your own horse, or visit one of Wales’ many riding centres. With a variety of places offering idyllic accommodation not just for you, but your beloved companion, ensuring a trip to remember for both. Or, with hundreds of friendly riding centres dotted across the country, you can guarantee a comfortable and exciting ride to complement your Welsh adventure.

Want to set off on a trek through the Welsh countryside? Or ride your horse along a Wales beach? Explore our handy guides to find the best routes, riding centres and accommodation to make your Wales horse-riding adventure one for the photo album.