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About Us

Our mission is to showcase all the marvels Wales has to offer

Wales.org was founded in 2020 as a site dedicated to Wales. Beyond facts and figures, we wanted to showcase all the wonderful thing this small country has to offer for holidaymakers, thrill-seekers and even the lucky people who live here.

How? By creating an encyclopaedia of information in the form of guides, reviews and insider tips that helps you make the most of your time in Wales. Whether you want to find the most unique local events and attractions or choose the finest restaurants and pubs in Wales, we want to make it easy – and all in one place.

Put simply, our mission is to showcase everything that makes Wales so great. We really do believe Wales is one of the best countries in the world, and like anyone who’s seen or experienced something amazing, we want to spread the word! Whether you’re coming for a day, weekend, week or even longer, our site aims to provide endless ideas and inspiration to make your time in Wales truly unforgettable.

Honest, passionate and customer-focused

All of this is driven by three key values. Three unwavering principles that run through every page in every category of our comprehensive guide to Wales.

Honesty & integrity

We’re dedicated to delivering the best we can and owning the results. It’s that simple. Whether it’s a guide to the best hikes or tips for making the most of a weekend in Wales, we’ll always do our utmost to dig out the best information for our like-minded Wales lovers.


Our goal is to inspire, engage and empower more people to visit Wales. That is solely down to a passion for the country and everything it has in store. From the best pubs to the most beautiful landscapes, we really are passionate about the wonders of Wales – and you’ll find that passion in every corner of our site.


Above all else, Wales.org is a site for you. The customer, traveller, visitor, tourist, holidaymaker, adventurer, day-tripper. However you see yourself, there’s nothing we love more than people experiencing Wales.

Families, couples or sole travellers. Young, old or somewhere in-between. Dog walkers, culture vultures or surfboarders. Whatever your background and interests, we make sure all the content on our site is carefully curated with you in mind. After all, you’re the main character in the next Wales story.

Working with Local Welsh Businesses

At wales.org, we are passionate about promoting the beauty and uniqueness of Wales to the world. As part of our mission, we actively collaborate with local Welsh businesses associated with travel and tourism to help them gain exposure and connect with visitors who seek authentic Welsh experiences.

Our Approach

Partnerships: We believe in building long-term partnerships with local Welsh businesses that share our commitment to promoting the rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes and diverse attractions of Wales.

Promotion: Through our platform, we provide a dedicated space for local businesses to showcase their offerings, whether it’s accommodations, tours, activities, or artisanal products.

Support: We offer various promotional opportunities, including featured listings, sponsored content, social media promotions and more, to support local businesses in reaching their target audience effectively.

Benefits of Collaboration:

Visibility: Partnering with wales.org provides local businesses with increased visibility among our audience of travel enthusiasts, both locally and internationally.

Authenticity: We prioritise highlighting authentic Welsh experiences, helping local businesses connect with travellers seeking genuine cultural immersion.

Community Impact: By working together, we contribute to the growth and sustainability of the local tourism ecosystem, fostering economic development and supporting local communities.

How to Partner with Us:

If you’re a local Welsh business interested in collaborating with wales.org to showcase your offerings and reach a broader audience, please contact nicholas @ wales dot org to discuss potential partnership opportunities.

Guest Posting and Link Insertions Policy

At wales.org, we receive numerous enquiries regarding guest posting and link insertions on our website. While we appreciate the interest, we adhere to strict guidelines to maintain the quality and integrity of our content.

Below are our minimum requirements and associated costs for guest posting and link insertions:

Guest Posting:

Content Quality: Guest posts must be well-researched, original and relevant to our audience, focusing on topics related to travel, tourism and Welsh culture.

Word Count: Minimum word count for guest posts is 1250 words

Author Bio: Each guest post should include a brief author bio and may include one link to the author’s website or social media profile.

Link Insertions:

Relevance: Links inserted within existing content must be relevant to the topic and provide value to our audience.

Quality: We only accept links to reputable websites that adhere to high editorial standards


Guest Posting: We charge £75 + VAT (if applicable) for publishing guest posts on our website.

Link Insertions: We charge £50 + VAT (If applicable) for link insertions on our website


For enquiries regarding guest posting opportunities or link insertions, please contact nicholas @ wales dot org with detailed information about your proposal.

We reserve the right to decline proposals that do not meet our guidelines or align with our values.