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West Wales

West Wales strikes a perfect balance of both cultural and coastal offerings. Home to the second city, Swansea, West Wales is dotted with few urban hubs but plenty of colourful seaside villages that are home to some of the top-rated beaches in the UK. Within West Wales, you’ll find Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire, Swansea Bay and more.


Sunrise at the River Tawe and the Millennium bridge in Swansea


The Pembrokeshire National Park is perched neatly on the coast of south-west Wales and is the perfect place to explore the rugged coastline. As coastal paths criss-cross the area, keep your eye out for dolphins in the water.

West Wales is a relatively rural region with little in terms of bright city lights and towering buildings. Even so, there is one town that should be on your radar, and that’s Aberystwyth. The National Library of Wales, walks up Constitution Hill and the promenade are great ways to spend the afternoon taking in the culture.


 National Library of Wales - Aberystwyth,Wales, UK


Some visitors to West Wales simply come to relax, enjoy the local businesses and take in the idyllic countryside atmosphere. Others travel here for beach holidays on the stunning coastline.

From Pembrokeshire National Park and Tenby to Aberystwyth and the iconic Snowdon in the north-west – there is so much to see and do in West Wales. If you want to make the most of your time, be sure to take a look at our expert guides. Full of tips and inside information, they’ll make sure you’re fully equipped for your trip.