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Mid Wales

Mid Wales is a vast and expansive area, crisscrossed by mountain passes, sprinkled with charming villages and never too far from rushing rivers, great lakes or the Irish sea.

From Cardigan Bay nestled on the coast to Welshpool near the north, mid Wales has a lot to offer families and individuals. Whether you’re looking for an authentic, rustic experience in the wildest of landscapes or are set on thrilling days out, there are few finer places you could choose.


View of Cardigan Bay


Welshpool, is home to Powys Castle, one of the country’s finest fortresses and certainly not an attraction to miss. Filled with history and mythology, there are many fun days to be had exploring old ruins. What’s more, the Cambrian Coast offers wide sandy beaches and small coves that gives you a sense of peacefulness and exploration.

After a day of rambling in the wild countryside, you can even retreat to a glamorous camping pod where you can capture a glimpse of the starry night sky.


Couple of hikers in the Cambrian Mountains


Looking to explore mid Wales? We can help you make the most of your precious time. At Wales.org, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide and some of the top things to do while visiting. Whether you explore Cardigan Bay, Wye Valley, Brecon Beacons, Powys, or the open valleys of the Welsh countryside, mid Wales is a truly exceptional place to visit.