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Fishing in Wales

Fishing In Wales

Wales is a hugely popular destination for fishing due to its astounding 750 miles of coastal views and bountiful rivers, lakes and streams. Whether it be fly fishing, coarse angling or sea fishing, there are plenty of spots for beginners and advanced anglers alike to cast their reels and catch their favourite fish.

From the vast, calming lakes in the North, flowing rivers in the South, or the famous piers across the rest of the coastline, Wales is proud to be one of the best places to fish in the UK. It may even be the case that choosing exactly where to fish is more challenging than actually catching them!


Angler fly fishing in Wales


Fishing purists may want to head to spots such as Llyn Trawsfynydd, Llangorse Lake and Llyn y Gors, where quality fish are in abundance and the calming environment is enough to offset any frustration of the sport.


sunset sea angler


Alternatively, sea fishing is widely popular is coastal resorts including the Isle of Anglesey, and Penrhyn Llŷn, Vale of Glamorgan with many of these locations proudly hosting the finest seafood restaurants in the UK. A holiday in Wales is also an excellent time to try coarse angling for the first time as there is so much variety packed into a tight country.

So, if you’ve got a taste for fishing in wales and find out more about the waters of Wales, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled extensive guides to help you to make the most out of fishing in Wales and find the UK’s best fish.