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Welsh Postal History Society – A Guide for Stamp Enthusiasts

Welsh Postal History Society

Welsh Postal History Society – A Guide for Stamp Enthusiasts

Founded on the 13th February 1971, the Welsh Postal History Society is a great guide for anyone interested in stamp collecting, postcards and postal history.

Formally known as formally known as the Welsh Philatelic Society, the group changed its name in 2014 when the focus of the society changed from philately to postal history. With 150 members all over the world including America, Europe and the UK, the group is well-known for its friendly and hospitable nature.

What does the Welsh Postal History Society do?

The society provides membership for interested parties who want to know more about the fascinating postal history in Wales.

An annual residential meeting takes place on the third weekend of every June at the Snowdonia National Park Study Centre. From Friday evening to Sunday lunchtime, members can meet each other and enjoy guest speakers as well as a special live postal auction.

As well as the weekend meeting, the society hosts an additional three meetings across Wales which are usually attended by dealers who bring their own stocks of postal history and/or postcards for members to browse through.

Two further postal auctions take place each year where members can attend in the hopes of purchasing that rare, exciting find. There is also an informative newsletter sent to members four times a year which can also be accessed by members via the online digital portal.

Where do I start?

Philately has a rich and complex history. It’s thought of as a ‘study of humanity’, because it looks into the study of routes, markings, rates and means of transportation. A collecting speciality in its own right, stamp collecting has multiple areas of study including geographic, transportation and subject-based.

Much is still unknown about the workings of historic postal systems, making rare finds and collections even more exciting.

The Welsh Postal History Society is a great place to start if you’re interested in postal history; the members are friendly and welcoming, and membership allows you access to a wealth of information as well as postal auctions and meetings where you can meet like-minded people and learn more about the postal systems.

How can I join the Welsh Postal History Society?

If you’re interested in learning more about the Welsh Postal History Society, you can visit their website at www.welshphs.com. If you want to have membership, contact the Membership Secretary which can be found on the contact page.