Holiday cottages in Wales at Betws,Y,Coed

Holiday Cottages In Wales

Treat yourself to a picturesque stay at one of Wales’ many beautiful cottages. Whether it’s amongst the timeless rural valleys, a stylish coastal apartment in the North Wales seaside or a farmhouse within the heartland of Mid Wales, there is a cottage to suit every desire, and you won’t need to look hard to find a Welsh holiday cottage you like.

There is a wide range of choice to be had, with some cottages boasting incredible facilities such as a private garden, an open fire or even a hot tub. However, there’s one thing that they are all guaranteed to have in common – they’re just a stone’s throw away for plenty of thrilling activities and intriguing sights.


Pont Fawr, famous medieval stone bridge across the river Conwy


Wales boasts three UNESCO World Heritage Sites and hundreds of ancient monuments, including over 600 castles, that are just waiting to be explored. There are also some fantastic beaches for families, sand lovers and surfers alike.

That’s not even mentioning the vast array of towns, cities and villages that welcome plenty of tourists every year. In fact, there are over 170 towns in Wales, ranging from quaint locations such as Brecon and St. David’s to vibrant, metropolitan areas such as Cardiff and Swansea.


holiday cottage in Wales with a hot tub


Want to learn more about how you can experience true luxury with a Wales cottage getaway? At Wales.org, we’ve put together extensive guides on the best locations to visit and perfect spots to match the holiday of your dreams. Plus, we’ve got all the detail on the hottest topics and coolest activities to make your stay at a cottage in Wales a memorable one.