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Best Mountain Bike Trails in North Wales for Thrill-seekers

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Best Mountain Bike Trails in North Wales for Thrill-seekers

If you’re a mountain biking enthusiast who loves gliding down winding hillside tracks, pushing your pedals up tricky ascents and tackling rough country trails with stunning natural backdrops, then how about going mountain biking in Wales?

North Wales in particular is guaranteed to be the perfect destination for you. The breathtaking scenery and various challenging trails available in this part of the country have made it something of a cyclist’s mecca and for good reason!

Read on to discover some of the best mountain bike trails in North Wales to get your heart racing and the adrenalin pumping. Prepare for the ride of your life!

Tackling the Delyn (almost)

Do you love pushing your limits on a bike and testing your mettle against rugged landscapes? If the answer is yes, then you’ll relish the chance to tackle the Delyn trail in the Clwydian Range.

Clwydian Range trail

The original Delyn was an annual endurance challenge, and this route includes the original but tacks on some extra track to make it even more of a challenge. This 30km+ trail is described (accurately) as Hard, and will take you approximately 8 hours to complete. You will be ascending over 1600m through the Clwydian hills, tackling all kinds of tricky terrain. Let the stunning scenery inspire you as you push yourself – and your bike – along this challenging trail. One thing is for certain – your legs will remind you of your achievement for the next couple of days!

Family-friendly fun in the forest

If you’re a family of mountain bike enthusiasts, then some of the best mountain bike trails in North Wales can be found in Llandegla Forest. Here, you will find an assortment of enchanting forest tracks, graded from Easy through to Moderate, Hard and even Black, so every member of your family will be able to find a trail to suit them. Younger or less experienced members of the family will appreciate the 5kms of gentle cruising offered by the Green trail, while more experienced cyclists can set their sights at the harder Red trail. If you’re really bold, you can even tackle the 6km of woodland Black runs, for a true test of your skills.

Llandegla Forest has a range of facilities available for you to enjoy once your thrill-seeking cycling fun is over, including a shop, café and more. There’s also handy on-site parking, making it convenient as well as exciting.

Reconnect with nature in the Dee Valley

For a challenging mountain bike trail that combines technical difficulty with awe-inspiring natural beauty, you can’t beat the Dee Valley. There’s an abundance of mountain bike trails here for different levels of experience. If you’re looking for a challenge, why not tackle the MTB Meetup? Revel in the wide-open spaces, swooping descents and breathless 1250m climb, as you explore the rugged beauty of Llantysilio Mountain.

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Don’t forget to take your phone along to snap some stunning shots of the scenery as you pause for a rest, and to savour that tinglingly fresh mountain air.

Test your courage on the Marsh Tracks

For a day of cycling that you’ll remember with delight for years to come, set your sights on the incredible Marsh Tracks facility in picturesque Rhyl. Home to some of the best mountain biking in Wales, this cyclist’s paradise boasts a brand new mountain biking track, alongside a national standard BMX racetrack and a 1.3km closed-circuit road. It’s the perfect place to visit for a day of adrenalin-pumping excitement!

After your cycling adventures, you can unwind by exploring the iconic resort town of Rhyl, with its picture-postcard beach, aquarium, waterpark, arcades and redeveloped harbour.

North Wales mountain bike trails await…

As you can see, when it comes to mountain biking trails, Wales has lots to offer! From the mountains to the marshes and the coast, North Wales is home to a plethora of breathtaking mountain biking tracks that will get your heart racing and your soul soaring.

You’re probably already strapping your bike to your car, but before you go, don’t forget to check out these amazing mountain biking trails in Snowdonia for even more inspiration! They’re perfect for beginners, so if you’re travelling with a friend or family member who’s new to cycling, they’re sure to have a blast while gaining confidence en route!