Pembrokeshire harbour

Aye, Aye Skipper! Sea Fishing in Wales Unveiled!

The harbour at Saundersfoot with fishing boats on the sea and the harbour wall in the background

Aye, Aye Skipper! Sea Fishing in Wales Unveiled!

If you love nothing more than getting out on the open waves, breathing in that fresh, salt-laden sea air, and testing your patience – and rod – against the creatures of the deep, then sea fishing in Wales is the perfect activity for you!

After all, with over 750 miles of breath taking coastline to boast of, Wales offers some of the best sea fishing in the UK. This means that, whether you’re looking for a fun-filled family fishing excursion in Cardiff Bay, or trying to snag a shark in Pembrokeshire, there are tonnes of sea fishing trips in Wales to suit your needs!

Read on to discover 4 of the best sea fishing places in Wales, where they are, and what they have to offer.

Sea Fishing in Wales off the Aberdyfi coast

The stunning seaside village of Aberdyfi makes an ideal base from which to try out sea fishing in Wales. Charter a boat and head out into open waters, where you will be able to cast your lures and potentially catch some particularly impressive specimens, including conger eels, cod, pollack, and ling.

You can go sea fishing in Wales off the Aberdyfi coast

Some thrilling bass fishing can also be enjoyed in this area, along the coast between Aberdyfi and Tywyn. If you have never tried bass fishing before, from the moment a weighty fish first grasps your bait, you’ll find yourself a keen new enthusiast!

In total, this part of the Welsh coast is home to approximately 40 species of fish, so you are bound to catch something you can proudly photograph and frame on your wall at home. You will also get to enjoy spending time in the picturesque surroundings of Aberdyfi, nestled on the edge of Snowdonia National Park. This makes it the perfect all-round holiday destination as well as a prime sea fishing spot.

Sea Fishing in North Wales off the Llŷn Peninsula

For some of the best sea fishing in North Wales, set your sights on the magical Llŷn Peninsula. This awe-inspiring place is steeped in myth and legend and comes with a fascinating history to explore. Plus, there’s plenty of year-round fishing to try out!

When it comes to sea fishing in the Llŷn Peninsula, there is always something to catch, no matter what time of year you come. Cast your hook at Porth Colman in a bid to catch a small shark, try your luck at Morfa Nefyn, or make your way to the popular surfing destination of Porth Neigwl. Also known as Hell’s Mouth, this is a great spot to have a go at bass fishing.

If you would like to try your rod at deep sea fishing, this can also be done from the Llŷn Peninsula. A number of charter boats are available to take you out on the open water in search of pollack, bream, bass, and more.

Family-friendly Sea Fishing in West Wales

If you’re keen to introduce your family to the thrills of sea fishing, then why not book an excursion with Epic Fishing Trips? This leading fishing company provides some of the best and most family-friendly sea fishing trips in West Wales. Operating out of the charming hub of New Quay, their modern, clean and highly stable Legend of New Quay vessel provides a quiet and secure environment for your children.

New quay fishing

Anyone aged 5 and above can try out their luck for the very first time on the open water. Depending on what time of year you are fishing, you could catch anything from sea bream, cod, bull huss sharks, and mackerel, to whiting, rays, lesser spotted dogfish, and more.

To add some extra excitement to your sea fishing adventure, you and your family may even get the chance to spy dolphins leaping out of the sun-dappled waters. Seals and porpoises also inhabit these waters, so you could be in for some truly unforgettable wildlife encounters as well as prime fishing.

Test your fishing mettle against sharks in Pembrokeshire

For some truly unforgettable South Wales sea fishing, pack up your rods, square your shoulders, and make your way to Pembrokeshire to do battle with Jaws! Well, not quite, but you do stand a chance of catching some pretty majestic specimens off the coast of Pembrokeshire. From majestic Porbeagle sharks to blue sharks, threshers and maybe even a stunning Mako, there’s lots to see here!

Chartering a boat here is easy, with various vessels eager to accommodate you, from fishing locales such as St Davids, Neyland, Milford Haven and Dale. Whichever shark fishing adventure you choose, keep your eyes peeled for other remarkable sea life, as the Celtic Deeps are also home to sunfish, whales and dolphins. What better place to reconnect with nature while enjoying some adrenalin-pumping sea fishing in Wales?

From the river to the sea: unbeatable sea fishing in Wales

As well as providing many opportunities for memorable sea fishing excursions, Wales also boasts some of the best coarse fishing in the UK. Find out more about this popular pastime and where you can give it a go on our blog.

Whether you’re casting your hook into a moat, a river, or the open sea, one thing is for sure – a fishing trip in Wales is sure to be an experience you never forget.